Into The Wild : Starburst – 18k guld och diamant

Artikelnr: HG-ITWSB1-YG

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Ring i 18k återvunnet/fairmined gulguld med diamant. Total carat: 0.015ct TW/VS
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Throughout all of the seasons it is there; when you walk through fields in the early morning light, the glistening haze of droplets on the shivering grass soaking your ankles as you pass by, and the fresh morning breeze that sighs through the trees as the sunlight streams through the nearby forest.

Into the Wild is a collection that distils nature’s magic, that makes you stop, makes you pause and takes your breath away, just for an instant. It is there glinting and reminding you that the Wild is calling to you.

This branch of the collection is stoic and as constant as the stars above. With a hand engraved starburst and set with a small but carefully selected diamond, this piece is the perfect addition to any collection.

Join us, let’s run Into the Wild together.


Vi mäter som standard ringars storlek i mm (d v s innerdiametern av en ring i milimeter) om annat inte anges. En guide i hur du mäter din ringstorlek kan laddas ner här (pdf-fil). Diametermåtten har även omräknats till motsvarande internationella omkretsmått (circulum) i guiden.

Artikelnr: HG-ITWSB1-YG