Changes – Neon Green

Artikelnr: AL-C-NGN

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Armband (unisex) med lås från Humanium Metal (nedsmälta illegala vapen) och band av återvunna PET-flaskor
Färg: Neon grön
Graverad lås: L 27 x H 12 mm x B 21 mm
Original design med copyright av Håkan Orrling. Begränsad utgåva & Made in Sweden.


Changes is Arild Links third collection, the next level of making a statement. Changes is rooted in the spirit of materials which makes it an act of consciousness rather than just a show of support. Arild Links designer Håkan Orrling designed this unisex bracelet made from destructed illegal firearms and recycled PET, shaped into beautiful jewellery embodied with history.

Humanium Metal is a statement beyond any other precious metal. Created from destructed illegal firearms taken off the streets and melted into a resource for a new purpose. All our designs made from this resource are labelled with the symbol Hu. They are embodied with history, and by wearing one you take a stand against violence and contribute to security for people living in areas affected by high levels of crime. Arild Links has a long term commitment to support the Non-Violence project. Throughout the years Non-Violence has educated and trained more than 8 million youth, teachers and sports coaches around the world in handling conflicts. Each of our jewellery sold with the Non-Violence symbol finances education to people in the risk zone.

Wear it and make a statement.

Artikelnr: AL-C-NGN ,