Vivianna – 34mm, Quartz, mirror dial

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Stainless steel watch with open bouette. Ø 34 mm quartz. Mirror dial.
Design: Vivianna Thorun Bülow-Hübe.
Design year: 1969

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The Vivianna Bangle is an icon, seamlessly blurring the line between horology and jewellery.
Numberless, strapless, mirrored, its complete lack of distracting adornments is a singular departure from the expected. It was ever the designer’s intention to create a watch that ‘liberates the wearer from the convention of time’.
Vivianna’s flawless minimalism is at once sensual and tactile. With no apparent beginning or ending, it exemplifies Vivianna Torun’s ability to mould flexible, sculptural forms from seemingly solid materials. This aesthetic is further enhanced by the open-ended design to give the impression that the Bangle floats above the wrist, the ultimate symbol of elegance, femininity and eternity.

SKU: 3575600