About us


Brown eyed girl smiling

Jasminka Lohse is not only good looking, funny and smart. She also has 25 years experience from the jewelryindustry, and knows everything worth knowing about precious stones and metals.

Before she started her own shop she was responsible of another goldsmith´s store, where she took care of everything from campaigns and sales to repairs, engraving and more.

In addition, she started designing wedding rings of the unique, personal and almost unimaginably glorious kind. The members of the fantastic norwegian rockband Kaizers Orchestra are just some of the celebrities who wear her rings.

When Jasminka doesn´t work in the shop or design rings she meets her friends, pretends to understand when her sister Jesenka explains what is debit and credit, makes lots of good food, travel abroad to buy shoes from Chanel and sometimes practice yoga with her cat.

From Goldrecords to Gold

Micke Lohse is not just a guy who is married with Jasminka. He also works with advertisement and websolutions and he is also director of marketing for the record label National and a former pop star.

First, he played organ in Atomic Swing, and lately he releases albums as a solo artist under the name Micke from Sweden.

As a change from all the gambling, he devotes his spare time to – no prize for guessing right – music.