Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, GDPR, and storage

Herr och Fru Lohse AB (hereby refered to as HFL) respects the privacy. Storing and/or processing of any personal data will not apply as far these have not been supplied voluntarily to HFL by individuals whose personal data are in question.

HFL´s follow the national laws relating to information processing. Your name, email address and mailing address may be forwarded to third parties in order to respond to a request by any legal sanction. In addition, information will only be used to monitor the operations of marketing and product development.

In the event otherwise stated in the “Terms of use” information will in no circumstances be sold or shared with third parties.

HFL does not save any information about people who, by our knowledge are known to be under eighteen (18) years old.

This site collects information from its visitors. Where an order is placed in the system personal data such as name, phone number, address, IP number and email address is saved. The use of payment options, invoice and part-payment also saves social security number. This information is used to process your potential orders. Sensitive data such as credit card information is always handled via a secure encrypted channel and cannot be read, interpreted and stored in readable form by HFL. Credit card details and other sensitive data is transferred directly to the certified partner´s payment system and are not stored on any site owned by HFL. If you want stored data to be erased from our system please contact us and specify your name, email address, and any order number.

You can always contact us if you have questions regarding privacy and processing of personal data by sending an e-mail to or call customer support on + 46 (0) 8 668 16 99

You will be able to feel confident when you entrust your personal information. Therefore, we have established this policy. It is based on current data protection legislation and clarifies how we work to take advantage of your rights and integrity.

The purpose of this policy is to tell you how we treat your personal information, what we use them for, who will get to know them and what conditions and how you can take advantage of your rights.

We process your personal information primarily to fulfill our obligations to you. Our starting point is, not to process more personal information than necessary for it’s purposes, and we always strive to use the least privacy-sensitive data.

We also need your personal information to provide you with good service, such as marketing, follow-up and information. We may also need your personal information to comply with laws, as well as conduct customer and market analyzes.

You are entitled to oppose the use of personal data for direct marketing. When we collect personal information about you for the first time, you will get more information about this and how to oppose it.

What personal data do we treat? We treat only personal information when we have legal basis. We do not process personal data in any case other than when they are required to fulfill obligations under contract and law. Here are examples of personal data we treat:

E-mail address
Phone number
mobile number
Information that you registered yourself and voluntarily state
Content you publish yourself, such as user generated content

How do we access your personal information?
We try to obtain your consent as far as possible before we begin processing your personal information. You agree to your treatment by accepting our terms and conditions. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you also agree that we process your personal information.

You have the right to revoke your consent at any time. We will no longer process your personal information or obtain new, provided that it is not necessary to fulfill our obligations under contract or law. Keep in mind that withdrawal of consent may mean that we can not fulfill the obligations we have in relation to you.

We also get access to your personal information as follows:
Details you provide us directly

Data recorded when you visit our website

Information we receive from public records

Information that we receive when you hire one of our employees

Information that we receive when you sign up for newsletters and other mailings

Information that we receive when answering surveys and surveys

Information that we receive when you contact us, seek employment with us, visit us or otherwise contact us

What information do we provide to you?
When we collect your personal information for the first time, we will inform you of how we have received the personal data, what we will use, what rights you have under the data protection laws and how to use them. You will also be informed of who is responsible for personal data processing and how to contact us if you have questions or need to provide a request or request regarding your personal information and / or rights.

Is your personal information processed in a safe way?
We work out routines and practices to ensure that your personal information is handled safely. The starting point is that only employees and other persons within the organization who need personal data to perform their duties should have access to them.

Our security systems are developed with your integrity in focus and to a great extent protect against intrusion, destruction and other changes that could endanger your privacy.

We have several IT security policies to ensure that your personal information is processed safely.

We do not transfer personal data in cases other than those expressly stated in this policy.

When do we leave your personal information?
Our starting point is not to disclose your personal information to third parties unless you have consented to it or if it is not necessary to fulfill our obligations under contract or law. In cases where we disclose personal information to third parties, we establish confidentiality agreements and ensure that personal data is processed in a safe manner.

HFL are responsible for personal data, which means that we are responsible for the processing of your personal data and the use of your rights.


When you visit this web page so called non-personal information may be stored to study and customize the use of this web page.

A cookie is a small text file that the website you visit saves on your computer´s temporary space (i.e Cache memory). Cookies are used by many websites to give visitors access to various functions. The information contained in the cookie can be used to study the pages visited and how long the visit lasted on the website.

There are two types of cookies. The first saves a file for future use on your computer and is used for functions such as describing the information that is new on the site since you last visit. The second type is called “session cookie”. This is stored temporarily in your computer´s memory while visiting the site and is used for example to determine what language you have chosen. Session cookies are not stored in your computer, they are deleted when you close the browser or session deadline ends. In your browser you can choose to not accept cookies. You will be able to use large portions of the site anyway. To complete an order, however, the site´s technical systems of this website demands that your browser is set to accept cookies.

Security of payments

Your online payment is secured by HFL using payment services provided by Klarna AB ( Klarnas system is approved by all Swedish banks and certified according to PCI DSS by Visa and MasterCard for handling payment transactions with the highest security. All communication between the store and your bank is handled by Klarna and encrypted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). You can see by the address on the payment page, it begins with https://, that the payment is made on a secure page, and you will see a padlock in the bottom right corner of your browser.

Herr och Fru Lohse never have any access to the card information and cannot record or store your credit card information.

DIBS also supports 3D Secure to identify the cardholder for purchases on the Internet, thereby reducing the risk of misuse of card details. If your card is connected to the 3D Secure, you will be switched over to your bank for verification before any payment is approved. If you have further questions about security or payment, please contact Herr och Fru Lohse´s customer service.

Internal security

HFL provides internal security for protection against fraudulent or unauthorized purchases and reserves the right not to send an order that is suspected to be of a fraudulent or unauthorized nature. This may also mean that an order is put on hold even though it is not of a fraudulent or unauthorized nature. HFL sincerely hope that customers, should this occur, will bear with this because it is a matter of customers safety. We report all types of fraud and attempts to fraud to the police and other relevant authorities. If you feel that your order has been processed incorrectly, please contact us for manual processing.