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Ring in 18k white gold with brilliant cut diamonds.

Choose between diamond size:
0.015ct – number of diamonds: 13, total 0.20ct
0.025ct – number of diamonds: 11, total 0.28ct
0.035ct – number of diamonds: 11, total 0.39ct
0.05ct – number of diamonds: 11 pcs, a total of 0.55ct
0.08ct – number of diamonds: 9 pcs, a total of 0.72ct
0.12ct – number of diamonds: 7 pcs, a total of 0.84ct

Can also be ordered with more / fewer / larger diamonds or as a Full Set, contact us at

In stock:
0.015ct Size 17.5 in gold
0.015ct Size 17.5 in white gold
0.025ct Size 17 in white gold
Other sizes available on specialorder (customized product)
Deliverytime: 4-6 weeks


Ring profile: Rounded profile
0.015ct Width: 2.0mm Height: 2.0mm
0.025ct Width: 2.5mm Height: 2.0mm
0.035ct Width: 2.75mm Height: 2.0mm
0.05ct Width: 3.0mm Height: 2.2mm
0.08ct Width: 3.5mm Height: 2.4mm
0.12ct Width: 4.0mm Height: 2.4mm

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