Starburst – 18k white gold earrings with diamonds


$ 1 436$ 2 872

18ct white gold recycled/fairmined with diamonds. Total carat: 0,125ct TW.VS per earring.
Sold per piece


Starburst has two personalities. In warm tones of gold it seems to wander barefoot along the shore. The sands warmed by long hot days shift between their toes. The sea sings gently and quietly as it kisses the shore but it is barely noticeable under the vast, starlit skies above. The sky is a dark, velvety cloak sprinkled with golden stars. Distant worlds and galaxies filled with familiar stories waiting to be told.

The other side of Starlight is in cool toned gold. It stands in a glittering Gatsby-esque party. Champagne sings quietly as the delicate, glinting bubbles race to the surface where they break and sigh into the evening air. Music plays, candles flutter and and shimmer with a delicate warmth. Every face is filled with magic under that gentle light. Tonight is a night filled with decadence and stories.

Each starburst piece is carefully created with love, ready to be filled with your own stories.