Changes Leather – Green

Artikelnr: CHA-LEA316L008-G

Läderarmband (unisex) med lås från Humanium Metal (nedsmälta illegala vapen)
Färg: Grön
Graverad lås: L 27 x H 12 mm x B 21

Denna produkt är för närvarande slut i lager och är inte tillgänglig.


Changes Leather Green Bracelet belongs to the Changes collection by Arild Links. It has been designed for casual wear and should be part of an everyday outfit as a statement against gun violence. The Non-Violence Project’s ”Knotted Gun” logo is inscribed on the top side of the engraved lock.

Each Item Arild Links creates is inspired from the company´s commitment to reduce violence and promote just in the world. Håkan Orrling fine jewelry and visionary designer is a second-generation goldsmith from Sweden. His work is distinguished by his technical skills and naturally developed craftsmanship, which enabled him to explore jewelry as an art form. Inspired by the freedom of expression, human rights, art, and music, Arild Links strives to raise voices and send a peace statement for a better future worldwide. A weapon kills a person every minute. Arlid Links has contributed to remove 12000 illegal weapons through its jewelry production to date.

Arild Links jewelry is designed in Sweden and produced in Europe, ensuring the use of sustainable materials, ethical precious metals, and stones:

-Humanium Metal: Created from destructed illegal firearms taken off the streets and melted into a resource for a new purpose.

-Recycled Plastic Bottles Rope: We’ve given a new purpose to plastic bottles instead of polluting the environment or burning, and releasing CO2 into our atmosphere. We have contributed to 500 000 Plastic bottles becoming, among other things, ropes for our bracelets.

-Sustainable Leather: European lamb and calf, elaborated in accordance with all European Union Regulations.

Artikelnr: CHA-LEA316L008-G ,