Iris – 18k gold, sapphires and diamonds


18ct yellow gold – Recycled/Fairmined
With pastel coloured sapphires and antique rose cut diamonds TW.VS.
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Low Autumn light glows between branches and brings a calm to the forest before Winter descends. The low sun casts a gentle light, warming the tops of the golden bows as they rustle in the breeze. Forest lakes ripple gently, surrounded by the warm embrace of turning leaves. The forest glows and all the colours are reflected in that cool, shifting water.

It is the most magical time when the air is cool and filled with the smell of earth, rain and the cool wind with Winter chasing its tail. Delicately balancing between two worlds as the warmth fades from the sun, Iris is there flitting between the trees.

Each Iris piece is created with carefully selected pastel coloured sapphires and antique rose cut diamonds. The mixture of stones creates a unique, delicate shimmering tone. Each stone is selected for its unique character and colour and every Iris piece is as individual as you are.

Iris is proud of their quirky octagonal shape and has a hidden splash of complimentary colour by way of an enamelled starburst underneath. Iris really is one of a kind.

Size Guide

We size rings from the measured inner diameter of the ring in milimeters if nothing else is noted. A guide over how to measure your ringsize can be downloaded here  (pdf-file). The diameter measures has also been transformed to circulum measurement in the guide.

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